"Wine is bottled poetry."

- Robert Louis Stevenson



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Picture a warm evening in Walla Walla with friends sitting around the barbecue.  What began as an evening of camaraderie with wonderful food and great wine evolved into Reasons winery.  Sipping from our glasses, we asked each other “what was the reason for our passion with wine?   And how did this passion lead to a decision to own a winery?”

A close friendship combined with a love of wine was the initial spark. Out of a lunch conversation came a vision for making a small-production Washington wine with the finest grapes from Horse Heaven Hills, top-quality French and American oak, and the best winemaking technology and practices.  The fates fell into place and our winemaker, Ned Morris, was available to share his expertise in creating an artistic wine experience through the use of technical and scientific practices.  Ned loves that wine is a living work of art providing a delightful, varying experience; depending on when it is opened, what food it is paired with and the circumstances in which it is enjoyed.

When another member of our group was asked to share his reason,  we heard about the quiet mentoring of a close friend no longer with us, except in the many happy memories usually surrounding wine and great conversation at a dinner table.  The moments with this dear friend are recaptured with the swirling of a wonderful red wine. 

We all believe wine celebrates life, family, friends and community.  As a leading cast member in any celebration, Reasons wine starts by balancing fruit, tannin, acid and structure to complement a meal shared between family and friends to foster laughter, song and a little philosophy about life.

Join us in our adventure by opening a bottle of Reasons and enjoying memories of times with close friends, a walk in a vineyard, a celebration of a special event, or a simple gathering for food and fun.  The label, fragrant bouquet and the first sip will transport you to that place in time when your reasons for enjoying wine were created.

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