NJ Out of State Winery License

Very Brief History of the New Jersey Out of State Winery License

  • 2003: Freeman v. Corzine challenges NJ law that gives local wineries certain advantages
  • 2010: Third Circuit Court of Appeals agrees that the current statutes violate the Commerce Clause
  • 2012: NJ enacts law creating an Out of State Winery License for small production wineries outside of New Jersey

The news story below refers to NJ Wineries, however the same rules apply to small wineries that hold an out of state winery license, like Reasons.

From the news story: “Another provision of the law allows the same small New Jersey wineries to sell their spirits in up to 15 outlets in the state apart from the premises. Those outlets include BYOB restaurants like The Tortilla Press in Collingswood. “I think it’s a true win-win,” said chef and owner Mark Smith. About 30 to 35 guests purchase a bottle of wine while dining at the restaurant every week. “We’ve only been doing it for two months so I can only see it increase,” said Smith.