Making good wine is a skill. Fine wine is an art.

-Robert Mondavi, Harvests of Joy



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Ned Morris, Winemaker

While I spent most of my youth in the Willamette Valley, in Oregon, I am a native Washingtonian.  My family is ‘old school’ Walla Walla, and in fact, we live in a house that has been in the family since it was built in 1930.  Even though I grew up in Oregon, I have traveled extensively. I was very active in aquatic sports as a child, and through my youth. This participation in aquatics has opened many doors for me. Upon graduation from High School, I was awarded a ‘full-ride’ scholarship to swim and play Water Polo for a small business school in New Rochelle, New York; Iona College. At Iona, I was an integral player and senior co-Captain of a Water Polo team that saw the highest ranking in school history, 13th in the Nation in NCAA Division I Water Polo. While attending Iona, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Marketing, with a minor in Fine Art.

Upon Graduation from Iona, I went on to play Semi-Pro Water Polo in Australia. It was in Australia that I met the girl of my dreams, my wife Susie.  I stayed in Australia for just under a year, then went on an around the world back packing trip with Susie. We visited 13 countries in 7 months, all on a shoestring budget. We lived out of a tent and cooked our meals on a little propane camp stove. After 7 months of living together in a tent, 24/7, we knew marriage would be a cakewalk. We went back to Australia and married in the same church Susie’s parents and grandparents got married in.  While living in Australia for almost 8 years, I worked in a variety of wine related positions.  I started working as a waiter and bar tender and quickly worked my way up into management. While working at a high-end native Australian Cuisine Restaurant, I started training to be a sommelier. I attended intensive palette honing and developing classes at Penfold’s McGill Estate in Adelaide, one of the most respected wine education institutions in the world.  I continued working in Restaurants and high end retail wine shops all the while.  I was studying and training hard to sit the exams with the Court of Master Sommeliers, and would probably be doing that still today, but late in 1998 we had to come back to the United States for a family emergency.

When I got back to the States, I knew I needed to follow my passion, and stay involved in the wine industry. However, Susie and I were at the point of starting a family. Knowing that the Restaurant life was not the life of a family man – working nights and weekends- I sought a career in wine production.  That path led me to Oregon State University, where I earned a Master’s Degree in Food Chemistry with a strong emphasis on Fermentation Science, and a dual minor in biochemistry and microbiology. 

In June of 2000, we had our first daughter, Michaela Jane. Just 22 months later, in April of 2002, we welcomed our second daughter, Matilda Ann to the world.  Susie, the girls and I now live in Walla Walla, in the family home my dad grew up in, with two yellow labs and a lot of laughter, good food, and fine wine.





Ned Morris, Winemaker

Ned Morris, Winemaker

Ned and Susie Morris



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