Reasons 2019 Frenchie Connection Rosé

Tasting Notes:

The 2019 Rosé is a refreshing delight, and an easy drinking light bodied Rose wine. Aromas of fresh strawberries, white peach, zest of kiwis, and a hint of red licorice. The palate continues to be generous with bright flavors of watermelon and raspberries. The wine finishes off with impeccably balanced acidity and a touch of natural Residual Sugar, exiting the palate with a clean and refreshing finish. Enjoy now through 2024

Sourced from the Yakima Valley, the grapes were harvested when the flavor profile was red fruit driven with lively acidity. Once harvested, the grapes were then sent directly to the press to extract all the juice in the berries. Color management starts with the press, we do not want to over press the grapes as it will result in a much darker color. After pressing, the juice was then sent to stainless steel tanks and had the solids settle out before racking clean juice to another stainless-steel tank where it was fermented at cold temperatures of 58 degrees. Fermentation lasted about 28 days before being shut down to preserve a touch of nature residual sugar.

About Rosé:
Rosé is a lighter wine often associated with summer but should be enjoyed year-round. It can be made from a wide range of grapes (our 2018 was made with San Givoesse while we used Syrah for our 2019 vintage). The grapes are harvested a little earlier in the season which minimizes the sugar content of the grapes and yields a lower alcohol percentage. After pressing, the juice is left on the skins for a short time, typically less than twelve hours, so that the skins give a little, but not a lot, of color to the juice. The juice is then separated off the skins and into tanks for fermentation. Fun fact: Reasons Winemaker Ned Morris serves nothing but Rosé at his Thanksgiving table.

Tech Data:
12.7% Alcohol
6.3g/L TA
0.8% Residual Sugar
100% Rose of Syrah

*This wine was produced in a vegan manner meaning no animal biproducts were used in the production of this wine.